Hardline owners, including Maloofs, demand NBA retract 50-50 offer

Commissioner David Stern issued an ultimatum to the NBPA last week.  Take the the deal on the table or face the consequences of a significantly worst offer.  Now the hardline owners of several small-market teams, including the Kings, are pushing the league to follow up on the commissioner’s threat.

From the Indianapolis Business Journal (via IamaGM):

According to sources within the NBA, the league’s labor relations board received a letter from 10 owners strongly opposed to the final offer Stern put on the table offering a 50-50 split.

Owners for Indiana, Atlanta, Charlotte, Denver, Memphis, Milwaukee, Minnesota, Philadelphia, Portland and Sacramento said in the letter that they feel that a 50-50 revenue split represents a bad deal for the owners.

The Maloofs are in a precarious position.  On one hand, they stand to benefit from a BRI split that favors the owners and increased revenue sharing.  But based on what’s known about their financial situation,  are they truly willing to sacrifice this season to get that deal?


Jonathan Santiago
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