How do you grade the Sacramento Kings pick of Nik Stauskas?

Nik Stauskas makes his move to break down a defender from UMass Lowell. (Photo:

With the eighth overall selection in the 2014 NBA Draft, the Sacramento Kings select not Aaron Gordon, not Marcus Smart, not Noah Vonleh, not Julius Randle, but Nik Stauskas – shooting guard, University of Michigan.

No one saw it coming.  After drafting Ben McLemore to play the same position a year earlier, the Kings front office went to the well again, this time taking a talented wing from Canada.

The instant reaction from fans on Twitter was mass confusion.  A few threw out “Jimmer 3.0″ while others voiced frustrations and were searching for answers.

Here is the harsh reality: the weakest position on the Kings’ roster last season was shooting guard.  McLemore, Marcus Thornton and even Travis Outlaw was given a shot to start in the Kings backcourt.  The position was nothing short of a disaster.

Stauskas is a shocking pick, unless you understand that the Kings need playmakers and they need shooting.  That is exactly what the 6-foot-6 guard brings to the table.

The Kings ranked 27th in 3-point percentage last season and they just landed arguably the best shooter in the draft.  He’s not Jimmer.  He’s not Ben McLemore.  He is a high basketball IQ player that fits a handful of major needs.

You’ve had some time to digest the news.  Nik Stauskas is your newest King.  After you have put out the fires on your front-yard and backed away from the ledge of the Tower Bridge, how do you grade the pick?

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