Game Recap: Kings vs. Wizards

Starting Line-ups


  • Beno Udrih
  • Tyreke Evans
  • Donté Greene
  • Jason Thompson
  • DeMarcus Cousins

Reserves:  Luther Head, Francisco Garcia, Carl Landry, Omri Casspi, Darnell Jackson, Pooh Jeter.


  • Kirk Hinrich
  • Gilbert Arenas
  • Al Thornton
  • Trevor Booker
  • Kevin Seraphin

Reserves:  John Wall, JaVale McGee, Yi Jianlian, Nick Young, Cartier Martin, Hilton Armstrong, Alonzo Gee.

First Quarter Recap

The Kings came out hot against the Wall-less Wizards.  The Wizards’ rookie phenom sat to start the game while the training staff worked on his tape job.  Beno Udrih got off to a blistering start, scoring 13 on 4-6 shooting (2-2 3pts) while his backcourt mate, Tyreke Evans, picked up two early fouls and played only four minutes.  The Kings went on an early run, getting the lead all the way up to 11, but the Wizards closed the quarter on an 8-0 run to finish up by one.

Kings  26  Wizards 27


Kings-   Udrih (13) Points;   Cousins/Udrih (3) Rebounds;   Udrih (3) Assists.

Wizards-   Hinrich (10) Points;   Seraphin (3) Rebounds;   Hinrich (2) Assists.

Second Quarter Recap

The Kings let the first quarter slip away, but in the second they dropped the hammer on the Wizards.  The three man team of Jason Thompson (10 points, 6 rebounds), Pooh Jeter (6 points, 3 assists) and Omri Casspi (7 points, 3 steals) ran the Wizards ragged.  Without John Wall, the Kings were able to limit the Wizards pace and make them a half court team.  Using a 10-1 run in the middle of the quarter and strong play overall, the Kings finished the half with their biggest lead so far of 14.

Kings  59  Wizards  45


Kings-   Udrih (19) Points;   Thompson (8) Rebounds;   Jeter/Udrih (3) Assists.

Wizards-   Hinrich (12) Points;   Seraphin (6) Rebounds;   Hinrich/Arenas (2) Assists.

Team                  Kings         Wizards
FG%                     50.0%         41.0%
Rebounds          22                 22
Assists/TO        12/7            5/14

Third Quarter Recap

The Kings continued their assault on the Wizards in the third, breaking out to a 21 point lead at the 3:22 mark.  Jason Thompson was a force, tallying his first double-double of the season before the fourth quarter began.  Donté Greene joined the assault in the third, chipping in nine points on 4-5 shooting while the Kings shot an amazing 77.8% (14-18) in the quarter.   The Kings outscored the Wizards 33-25 and finished another quarter with their biggest lead, this time 22 points, heading into the final frame.

Kings  92  Wizards  70


Kings-   Udrih (22) Points;   Thompson (13) Rebounds;   Evans (6) Assists.

Wizards-   Hinrich (18) Points;   Seraphin (7) Rebounds;   Arenas/Hinrich (3) Assists.

Fourth Quarter Recap

Wizards’ Al Thornton played well in the fourth, scoring at will over a combination of Kings players, but who cares – this is the Kings’ night.  The addition of Pooh Jeter to the rotation changed this team.  The little man out of Portland State looked like he was at a track meet, running, passing and scoring to lead the team.  Jeter finished the quarter with four points and five assists, while Darnell Jackson bruised the Wizards with six points and six rebounds in his nine minutes of play.  At the 4:38 mark, the Kings pushed the lead to 32 as they win a laugher and put an end to their eight game losing streak.

Kings Win!!!

Kings  116  Wizards 91


Kings-   Udrih (23) Points;   Thompson (14) Rebounds;   Jeter (9) Assists.

Wizards-   Thornton (20) Points;   McGee (9) Rebounds;   Arenas (4) Assists.

Team                    Kings         Wizards
FG%                       54.2%           41.3%
Rebounds            48                  36
Assists/TO          27/19           36/11

Player of the Game:  Jason Thompson.  Sure, this could have gone to Pooh Jeter, but the Kings big man not only dominated with 22 points and 14 rebounds, he played 38 minutes and only picked up 2 personal fouls.  With Samuel Dalembert missing in action, the Kings needed a big night out of JT and he delivered.

The Difference Maker:  Pooh Jeter.  The little man is making a big difference for the Kings.  Jeter scored 13 points, dished out nine assists and grabbed four rebounds in 27 minutes of play.  The Kings have played better the last three games and although this was their first win in that stretch, Pooh Jeter seems to be the ingredient that was missing.


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