Game Recap #5: Kings vs. Lakers.

Starting Line-ups:


  • Tyreke Evans
  • Beno Udrih
  • Omri Casspi
  • Carl Landry
  • DeMarcus Cousins

Reserves:  Samuel Dalembert, Francisco Garcia, Jason Thompson, Luther Head, Darnell Jackson, Antoine Wright, Donté Greene.

In-actives:  Hassan Whiteside, Pooh Jeter.


  • Derek Fisher
  • Kobe Bryant
  • Ron Artest
  • Lamar Odom
  • Pau Gasol

Reserves:  Matt Barnes, Shannon Brown, Steve Blake, Derrick Caracter, Devin Ebanks, Theo Ratliff, Sasha Vujacic.

Injuries:  Andrew Bynum (knee)- out, Luke Walton (hamstring)- out.

First Quarter Recap:

The first quarter was an absolute barn burner.  With 2:41 left in the quarter, the Lakers led 28-24 on 77% shooting including 4 early three pointers.  The Kings answered with Francisco Garcia who came off the bench and quickly buried two three pointers of his own.  For as good as Pao Gasol played in the first, DeMarcus Cousins was equally as good, abusing Gasol on the offensive end with both his quickness and strength.  The Kings held tough, even taking a lead late in the quarter.  With .8 seconds in the first, Tyreke Evans was run over by Lamar Odom and his return was doubtful.

Kings  33   Lakers  35


Kings- Evans/Landry (8) Points;  Landry (3) Rebounds;  Evans (2) Assists.

Lakers- Bryant (10) Points;  Bryant (4) Rebounds; Bryant (6) Assists.

Kings                    Lakers

FG%-               58.3%                   63.6%

Rebounds-         7                            9

Assists/TO-     4/1                      10/2

Second Quarter Recap:

The Kings continued to give the Lakers all they could handle in the second.  Tyreke Evans refused to sit on the sidelines and watch his team battle the world champs without him.  He re-entered the game at the 7:41 mark of the 2nd quarter, missing 4:19 of actual game time after really taking a beating.  Jason Thompson dominated the glass from the moment he stepped on the floor- most of the time playing the small forward position.  The Lakers used a variety of ally-oop dunks to get some separation from the Kings and Kobe Bryant torched them for 21 first half points.  After a last second cherry picking play by Matt Barnes, the Lakers took a 9 point lead into the half.  Key stat of the half- Lakers 6-10 on three pointers.

Kings  53   Lakers  62


Kings-  Landry (12) Points;  Thompson (9) Rebounds;  Evans/Udrih (2) Assists.

Lakers-  Bryant (21) Points;  Bryant/Gasol (6) Rebounds;  Bryant (8) Assists.

Kings                    Lakers

FG%-               40.8%                  56.1%

Rebounds-         25                       19

Assists/TO-      8/3                     16/3

Third Quarter Recap:

The Lakers came out hot in the third.  With 9:04 left in the quarter, the Lakers led by 12 after Lamar Odom’s three from the corner.  Both Cousins and Evans left the game with 4 fouls before the 6 minute mark of the quarter and the Lakers quickly opened up an 18 point lead.  The Kings went on a couple of runs to get the lead back to 11, but they haven’t figured out a way to slow the Lakers’ offense in the least bit.  At the end of three quarters, the Lakers held a 14 point lead.

Kings  78   Lakers  92


Kings-  Garcia (17) Points;  Thompson (10) Rebounds;  Udrih (7) Assists.

Lakers-  Bryant (25) Points;  Bryant (9) Rebounds;  Bryant (12) Assists.

Kings                    Lakers

FG%-              42.9%                    49.2%

Rebounds-        37                           31

Assists/TO-     15/6                     21/3

Fourth Quarter Recap:

The Kings finally had a defensive run in the fourth to cut the lead to seven just inside the four minute mark.  Derek Fisher quickly made a three from the corner and then stole the ball from Carl Landry, made the basket and got fouled to push the lead back to 13 with 3:14 left.  Tyreke Evans used the last few minutes of the game to push his scoring total to 21 by taking whichever Laker drew the short straw straight to the hole.  It’s too bad Evans got in early foul trouble or this game could have had a different feel.  The Lakers were able to survive the last second push by the Kings and finished with a 12 point margin of victory.

Kings Lose!

Kings   100   Lakers   112


Kings-  Evans (21) Points;  Thompson/Dalembert (10) Rebounds;  Udrih (8) Assists.

Lakers-  Bryant (30) Points;  Gasol (11) Rebounds;  Bryant (12) Assists.

Kings                    Lakers

FG%-                 44.0%                    46.4%

Rebounds-         49                            43

Assists/TO-       20/8                      24/6

Player of the Game:  Kobe Bryant.  This was too easy for one of the league’s elite players.  In 36 minutes, Kobe put up 30 points, 12 assists and 10 rebounds for his first triple double of the season.

The Game Changer:  For more than a decade, Derek Fisher has hit big shot after big shot to beat the Sacramento Kings.  Tonight was no different.  In the fourth quarter, just when the Kings had cut the lead to seven, Fisher buried a corner three and then came away with a steal, bucket and foul to put the game away.


James Ham

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