Game on. Evans, Garcia and Wright show off their jumpers.

At today’s practice, Tyreke Evans, Francisco Garcia and Antoine Wright had a little shooting competition. I will not reveal the wager, a gentleman never tells, but these guys love to have a good time and this got pretty loud. Enjoy a look at the new jumper of Evans, but marvel in all that is Francisco Garcia.

Evans is much improved. The more he works with Garcia, the more consistent his release becomes. A pure shooter he is not, but he is definitely improving.

Garcia, on the other hand, is clearly a pure shooter. If there is one player that Evans can watch and learn from when it comes to the long ball, it is from Cisco. The Kings are going to rely on Garcia and this sweet stroke to extend the defense. Hopefully he can avoid the injury bug that has cost him 74 games over the last two seasons.

Wright can shoot for sure. He has a very consistent stroke from the short corner. He isn’t Peja Stojakovic; he might not even be Doug Christie, but he isn’t going to hurt the team like some of the bench players we saw last year.

The new Droid has HD video. I hope you like the difference in picture quality over the old flip video.



James Ham

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