From When Kingdom Come: Scot Pollard Interview

Our good friend, Alex Kramers from Blogcritics got a chance to interview Scot Pollard:

In my mind, I knew going into a game that I was there to make the stars look good. I didn’t want to see Vlade (Divac) or Chris (Webber) in foul trouble, or worse, (get) injured from taking a charge or diving on the floor. My role was not to be the All-Star — my role was to do all the ugly stuff that gets your team an extra possession, extra rebound, tip in points, whatever it took.  I hit people on the other team to get Peja (Stojakovic) an open jumper, I knocked people down to give Jason Williams, Mike Bibby, Tony Delk, Bobby Jackson, Hedo Turkoglu an angle to the basket.  And I loved it.

I knew my strength in the NBA was my strength.  Why would I try to take shots that may be questionable, when I can hand the ball off to Peja, knock his guy down, or at least out of the way, and give one of the best shooters in the league a shot?  I probably could have been more offensive-minded in my career in the pros, but I was always on such good teams, I felt that I needed to be the warrior behind the scenes that makes the little things happen.

Really good stuff from Alex and Scot. Read the entire interview here.


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