From When Kingdom Come: Kings Five Best Free-Agent Signings

Our good bro, Alex Kramers, has gone over the Kings history of signing free agents. It’s apropos considering the Kings are looking at roughly $20 million in cap space this off-season.

Mikki Moore – signed on July 13, 2007 for three years, $18 million

Prior to 2006-07, Moore had played 303 games, starting seven, for seven teams, and averaged 4.5 points and 3.1 rebounds in 13 minutes. After a fluky career year in New Jersey in 2007-08 — unquestionably aided by Jason Kidd — in which he averaged 9.8 points (61% FG) and 5.1 rebounds, the 32-year-old Moore fully admitted that he came to Sacramento for the money (roughly $8 million more than the Nets’ highest offer).

This is a nice piece from Alex that shows quite a dearth of free-agent activity in the Kings history. We all know this isn’t a grand destination that NBA players seek out. It takes a certain type of player that wants to be here and help this team succeed. Vlade Divac was definitely that type of player.

Mikki Moore was not. The Mikki Moore signing always angered me because it seemed like a contract the Kings were just giving out in order to give one out. He was clearly a bad player by NBA standards. He was Mark Blount with Whoopi Goldberg’s stylist. He also was reaping the benefits of a year in New Jersey in which Jason Kidd got him a lot of good scoring opportunities. Unfortunately, Jason Kidd wasn’t part of the signing. Instead, the Kings wasted a lot of money.

Anyway, it was a great piece by Alex and something you should definitely check out.


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