From When Kingdom Come: Jon Brockman Interview

Hope you’re checking out the work that Alex Kramers is doing with When Kingdom Come and everywhere that is smart enough to put him on the internet. He wrote this really good Omri Casspi piece that I forgot to link to this weekend.

He’s also taken advantage of the Kings’ east coast road trip by getting some access to the team. He did an interview with Jon Brockman recently:

“I’m probably going to sign some more, so you can walk back with me,” said the Kings rookie.

For anyone who’s met Jon Brockman, that likely doesn’t come as a surprise.  As we walked to the team locker room before Sacramento took the court against the New Jersey Nets — a game I had the pleasure of covering for — the man who’s been affectionately called, “The Brockness Monster,” stopped for each person with an outstretched pen and paper.  Sporting a cumbersome brace on the sprained right knee that has kept him out of action since February 19, he graciously chatted with the crowd and obliged with every photo request.

Definitely click through and read the article. You can see that Jon Brockman just gets being a professional basketball player. He understands what it means to be one and why it’s important to appreciate the fans. Good stuff, Alex.


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