From TrueHoop: Jason Williams Has Returned

Henry Abbott has a nice piece on the job Jason Williams is doing in Orlando:

Eleven years ago, in the 1998-1999 season, the NBA featured a veteran big man called Jayson Williams, a blue chip pro prospect at Duke named Jason (later “Jay”) Williams, and wild-eyed, over-tattooed rookie point guard called Jason “White Chocolate” Williams, who had “flash-in-the-pan” written all over him.

If someone had told you then that just one of the three would last a decade in the league, and would be starting for the reigning Eastern Conference champions, I’m thinking chocolate would have come in tied for least likely to be the one — with the big man Williams, who is now 41.

Instead, even though he has already retired once, the small white West Virginian is the NBA’s last Jason Williams standing.

It’s really fun for me to watch him on Orlando every night.


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