From The Baseline: Shoals Looks at the Kings

If you don’t read The Baseline from The Sporting Blog every day then you’re doing yourself and your basketball world quite a disservice. Also, if you’re not trying to consume one of their head writers, Bethlehem Shoals, on a daily basis then I don’t know what to tell you about where your life is headed. Let’s just say you should rectify that immediately. If you do keep up with The Baseline and one of the main cogs of Free Darko (Shoals) then keep on keepin’ on.

With all of that said, Shoals has decided to take a look into the Sacramento Kings as we gear up for the start of the NBA season:

Blog superstar: I know that blogs exist primarily to jock guys who say funny stuff and take pictures of themselves with the cast of Fraggle Rock, but we also have an ethical duty to promote players just not getting the attention they should. I think we’ve done a pretty good job already extolling the infinite virtues of Martin. So how about turning our attention to Francisco Garcia, a multi-faceted G/F who’s both exciting and smart, and one of the best Latino players in the Association (always an intriguing phenomenon)? Has “cult favorite” written all over him.

I recommend clicking the link and reading the rest of what Shoals has to say on the Kings. He gives his picks for who is most likely to break out, why else you should care about the Kings, and more.


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