From TBJ: 60/30 project comes to Arco Arena

Andrew Unterberger of The Basketball Jones is touring all of the NBA arenas in 60 days and was in town for the Kings-Hornets game on Sunday.

I got a chance to talk to him about the team and arena after the game. I couldn’t be more envious of his project right now.

Here is a snippet of the piece and link below:

From the stadium, the marketing focus behind the team is fairly obvious: Tyreke Evans and DeMarcus Cousins. The Kings certainly seem to believe that they have their contending core of the future in ‘Reke and DMC, and rather than try to square the focus on team, city and community like several of the other stadiums I’ve visited, Sacramento places all of its chips on these two young’ns. The two are on all the posters, overwhelming all the jersey stands, and getting the biggest sells from the PA announcer. The Kings especially waste no opportunity to remind you that Evans won Rookie of the Year last season, which after a while begins to make him look like one of those random Best Supporting Actress nominees who film promoters forever get to bill as “Academy Award Nominee Juliette Lewis.” It’s understandable that a team hurting in attendance and in the standings would want to get fans pumped about its new young players, but the Kings better just hope that the duo improves enough to not make those signs seem cruelly ironic in a couple years’ time.

Click here to read the entire piece. It’s really a cool thing he’s doing.


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