From StR: Looking For a Cheap Center

Tom Ziller weighs the options of Kings bringing in another center.

Sean May is not a center, and the Kings were thought to be bent on adding another center, therefore it stands to reason that the Kings may be looking to add a center in free agency. Even assuming Jon Brockman earns a roster spot (a virtual lock), the Kings could reasonably add one more guaranteed contract to bring the roster to 14. You wouldn’t be surprised if the team stayed at 13, but again the team has been rumored to be concerned with center depth.

Barring trades — and thus barring Kyrylo Fesenko, who to be quite honest has been a spectre of one Salt Lake City newspaper, which has only tied Fes to Sac by virtue of Fes’s relationship with Jason Levien — who can be had?

I’m inventing some parameters for this investigation.

* Age. Fabricio Oberto rumors aside, you assume the team would rather add a younger player than an older player.

* Reputation. No bad seeds needed, thankyouverymuch.

* Price. I urge you to have faith in my hunch the Kings will not be spending big for a back-up center.

All that said, here are the guys I’d place atop my heap.

I am all for joining Tom on the “Bring Rod Benson to Sacramento”campaign.

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