From Sam Amick’s Twitter: Kings Land Dominic McGuire

The Kings were not only kind enough to help facilitate the rebuilding of Clutch City but they also relieved the Washington Wizards of their luxury tax woes.

Here is the tweet information from Sam on the trade.

This now puts the Kings roster at 17 players if I have counted correctly (not a guarantee). They now have to cut at least two players and Joey Dorsey (partially guaranteed next year), Larry Hughes (expiring contract and someone you don’t want infecting Tyreke’s on-court psyche with ideas of what is a good shot) and the newly acquired McGuire are the most likely candidates.

On the Wizards side, they’re now under the luxury tax threshold as they gut out their roster and hope to build for the future around… yep, you guessed it… Frank Stallone Andray Blatche.

UPDATE: I missed Hilton Armstrong on this. He’s no longer with the team. He’s shipped to Houston. That’s what happens on an hour of sleep. Kings are at 16 and can buyout Hughes, which seems like the smartest thing for all sides.


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