From Sam Amick: Kings Opening Night Starters

From your favorite beat writer and mine:

What are my thoughts on Spencer not starting? Other than Kevin Martin, I feel like every single starting position should be up for grabs. If Spencer hasn’t proven himself due to poor performance in the preseason, injury issues or whatever was going on with the summer league, I have no issue with Westphal throwing a little tough love Hawes’ way.

Spencer Hawes is a very talented player and he could very well be the center of the future but if he can’t be a tough presence inside on both offense and defense then why should he be a starter for this team? Sean May has done everything the team has asked so far. He dropped about 40 lbs to appease the higher-ups and earn $100k. He has played solid defense and worked hard inside during the preseason. He deserves to start the home opener. Hopefully, this is an eye-opener for Spencer. Your spot has to be earned.


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