From Sam Amick: Kevin Martin’s Parting Thoughts

Mr. Amick talked to Kevin Martin on the Sac Bee Kings Blog after all of the particulars of the trade were finalized. With Kevin Martin on his way to Houston to be reunited with Rick Adelman, he had some very nice, professional things to say:

“But it’s just like anything, with these relationships you build up for so long, that’s the sad part. I’m sad to be leaving Sac. Just as Corliss referred to me as the Golden Child as far as the perception around here, how the older guys took me under their wing, taught me how to do professional job. I learned a lot from guys like Bobby (Jackson) and Corliss (Williamson), with how they did stuff in the community and how they were professional. I watched a lot of that my first couple years, and then once I got out there in the (lime) light I did a lot of that myself and took pride in it. The Maloofs set an example too – that’s the hard part of that deal when it comes to the community part.”

Click here to read the entire conversation. It’s really great stuff from Sam and Kevin.


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