From Sam Amick: Dan Fegan Doesn’t Send Geoff Petrie a Christmas Card

Or something like that. Sam blogs about the contentious relationship between Geoff Petrie and Kevin Martin’s agent Dan Fegan:

When Martin signed with Fegan during his time out because of injury this season, the pairing was problematic. Petrie’s experience with Fegan in June during the Rubio saga was somewhat contentious, and suddenly here came the prospect of dealing with him again.

First off, as a guy who wanted Rubio in this town because I thought he would be a better fit and more fun to cover (my own personal reasons of course) I was DEAD WRONG about that. Rubio would not have been the better pick for this team and that was quickly realized when I saw Evans play in the Summer League. Rubio would have been a better point guard but Tyreke Evans is the better player. A player that can lead this team to great things.

So when I see Ricky Rubio’s agent, who is also Kevin Martin’s agent, come out and say that Kevin’s departure here happened because of the Kings drafting Tyreke Evans, it makes me feel bad for Dan Fegan. Danny boy, you clearly signed the wrong guy before the draft. Don’t take that out on the Kings and their fans and try to blame the guy you let get away for Kevin Martin’s departure.

People in this town love Kevin Martin and are sad to see him go. Why try to stir something up that isn’t true? I’ve talked to Kevin Martin a couple of times after games and he’s always spoken glowingly about Tyreke. Called Tyreke “his guy.” Said Tyreke was the guy he wanted in the draft. Why try to drive that wedge between them now and get the fans to try to turn on Petrie and Evans?

Don’t you have better things to do like go sign more players that will get passed up in the draft? Or start coming up with reasons that Al Harrington didn’t work out in New York?


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