From Purple Panjandrum: Dalembert Will Start Over Cousins

James Ham over at Purple Panjandrum with quotes from Samuel Dalembert, DeMarcus Cousins and Coach Westphal on Dalembert being named the starter over Cousins.

I particularly liked what Cousins had to say about it.

“I thought it was a great idea and I think it will really help the team.  I won’t have to start the game off and I’m still learning.  Coming in off the bench, I can see how aggressive the game is so I can know how aggressive to be and not be.  I’ll get the feel of the game a lot better.”

This is a sign of maturity and understanding within the team concept. Despite what some people may want DeMarcus to act like, his ability to put team first and actually think about wins over individual accolades is really astounding. He’s not a problem with this team and he definitely gets that it’s about what Westphal wants.

This is a good move for the Kings simply because of they’re going to insist that Carl Landry is a starter then they need a better defensive presence out there to start games. The two offensive weapons in Cousins and Landry are nice to have to start games but both are struggling to defend good post players right now. This will hopefully help Cousins stay on the court longer by beating up second units and give him the chance to finish games without worrying about foul trouble.


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