From Pro Basketball Talk: Brockman is Top 5 on the O-Boards

Are you reading Pro Basketball Talk regularly? If no, facepalm yourself and then add it to your Google Reader. If yes, then facepalm the person next to you and give yourself a congratulatory pat on the back.

After Josh Smith got one of the best offensive rebounds we’ve ever seen (in terms of importance) last night, John “Big Time” Krolik decided to look at the Top 5 offensive rebounders in the game today. Jon Brockman made the list. In fact, he’s first on the list (even though it’s ALLEGEDLY in no particular order):

Brockman isn’t anywhere near the player that fellow Kings rookie Tyreke Evans is. In fact, Brockman probably isn’t one of the two best rookies on his own team. But Brockman is an unapologetically physical player, and an absolute monster on the offensive boards.

There’s more about Jon over there. Be sure to click through like a good reader should and check out the entire post.


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