From PistonPowered: Prince for 5th Pick Trade Discussion

Friend of the website, Dan Feldman from Piston Powered, decided to kick around the idea of the Kings and Pistons swapping draft picks and veteran small forwards. He asked me to talk about the Kings end of the made-up trade:

“Tayshaun Prince seems to be the perfect mentor for guys like Donté Greene and Omri Casspi. A year under his tutelage could be invaluable. With the strides Donté Greene made between his rookie and sophomore years, being shown the ropes by Prince could help him go from very good role player to 10-year starter. For Omri, Prince could help curb some of the confidence in practice every day and make him learn how to be creative and crafty in the way he attacks the best defenders in the league.”

You can read the entire post here with more of my analysis and Dan’s words on the idea.

Also, here’s video of the Cousins-Favors workout from the Kings:


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