From Quiet Evans Letting His Game Do All The Talking

You may or may not be familiar with Jimmy Spencer. He does the home game recaps for Kings games on and he’s also a man about town. He’s also one of my groomsmen.

Even if you don’t know who Jimmy is, you probably have heard of Tyreke Evans. He’s fairly new to town but he’s made quite the name for himself. Well, Mr. Spencer spent a day with Tyreke and wrote a fantastic piece about it for

When video game LeBron pounds his chest, so does Evans. When animated LeBron scores on a difficult shot, Evans gives his buddy a serious look and consoles him: “That’s tough. All you can do is shake your head on that one.”

When virtual Kobe starts fouling at the end of a game, Evans laughs and says, “Geez, don’t get all mad Kobe, it’s just a game.”

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