From Marc Stein: Mavs Interested in Kevin Martin

Marc Stein is reporting that if the Kings are having doubts about Kevin Martin, the Mavericks are willing to strike up a deal.

One hypothetical trade scenario could see Dallas offer Howard, Drew Gooden, J.J. Barea and cash to the Kings for Martin and Nocioni. That, however, is a lot of long-term salary for the Mavs to add. It’s also not known if a combination of payroll relief, Barea and the opportunity to resurrect Howard’s career would ultimately be enough to satisfy Sacramento even if Dallas was willing to take on Nocioni as well.

I still think it’s insane to deal Kevin Martin right now unless you’re getting someone like an Al Jefferson in return. It takes more than four games to determine if this backcourt duo can play together.

But this deal would shed a lot of long-term salary the Kings are committed to and if they decide not to pick up team options on Josh Howard and JJ Barea, it would shed another $17 million off the cap this summer.

I still say keep Martin for now.


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