From Jason Jones: Spencer Hawes Probably Out For Wolves Game

Jason Jones had this for The Bee today about Spencer Hawes’ injury:

“He’s pretty sore,” Kings coach Paul Westphal said. “He’s almost certainly out (tonight at Minnesota).”

Hawes said he was kneed in the back of his knee. He missed Sunday’s loss in Cleveland because of a lower back strain.

Even though Spencer Hawes has been sort of obliterated by Al Jefferson this season, I think against a matchup like Ryan Hollins or Darko Milicic (who is apparently the new centerpiece for the Wolves franchise) could be very good for Spencer’s confidence.

Against guys like Love and Jefferson, he’s just not quick or strong enough defensively to guard these guys straight-up. He has to get a quick double team help and pray the Kings rotate properly. And especially against Jefferson, he seems to bite on the pump fake way too often/easily. However, against someone like Hollins or Darko, Hawes would be able to play off and be a dangerous weakside shot blocker. He also would be able to crash the boards while keeping his man off of them. Offensively, he can stretch them to the perimeter where they’re completely ineffective as defenders and use his quickness inside for a couple of good scores.

With him out, the Kings will feature a heaping dose of JT and Landry. This also means Brockman should get some good minutes. My condolences to the Wolves bigs for the bruises and sore muscles Brockman will cause.


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