From Hardwood Paroxysm: Tyreke and DeMarcus New Era of Destruction

Matt Moore, now of CBS Sports (congrats), wrote up a nice little piece about what the duo of Tyreke Evans and DeMarcus Cousins will mean. Sounds pretty unstoppable:

That pick and roll? Try guarding it. You can flash the big on the switch and then recover, but Evans is tall enough to zip line the roll pass and fast enough to get by. Force Evans to the basket and then work to force a tough floater? You’ve just surrendered the weak side, which means Cousins is cleaning up the miss. How about the post? If Cousins can navigate even the simplest of cut passes? You’ve got a monster in the high block, flipping the ball to a speed demon ripping towards the rim. On defense, the two can contain and muscle and it will feel like you’re getting beaten by giant leather bat wings and having barrels thrown at you by Donkey Kong at the same time.

Check out the entire article here.


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