From ESPN (Insider): Kings Vastly Improve In Ultimate Standings

Andy Kamenetzky of ESPN Los Angeles gives his take (with the help of yours truly) on the Kings organization and how they’ve risen from 117th last year to 97th in sports. It’s amazing how much the state of the franchise has improved thanks to a good core of players with a new coach and a future star at the helm (ESPN Insider):

The Governator would be the first to tell you that creating change in Sacramento isn’t an overnight project. But unlike efforts to turn around the state economy, the Kings’ leap in the Standings represents 22 steps in the right direction. In his first year with the team, coach Paul Westphal demanded professionalism. Spencer Hawes found out exactly what that meant when he was benched for criticizing substitution patterns. Maybe change doesn’t always have to get bogged down in committee. Westphal quickly buried the issue once his point was made, even trading high-fives and chest bumps with Hawes during introductions.

Check it out here.


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