From Marc Stein’s Interview with Vlade

Stein sat down with Vlade Divac and talked about the European legend’s career in the NBA and beyond.

Here’s the video:

And a little excerpt from the article:

“Back then it bothered me,” Divac said. “From this distance, I am OK. I know we didn’t win [the] championship, but I think we were a championship team.

“People here [in America] are making a big deal about ring or no ring. I was playing against the Lakers and I remember someone [in the crowd] shouted, ‘How many rings you got?’ I told him one. He looked at me [funny], so I said, ‘I got one in ’89 when I got married, I got a ring from my wife.’ That’s the most important thing.”

In a subsequent conversation, Divac adds: “It doesn’t bother me at all. I think we did something special [in Sacramento]. … People around the world, not just in Sacramento, liked to watch [that team]. So that was, right there, [a] big accomplishment for our team. … In my heart, I believe we were the champions. We didn’t win, but we played the way champions should play.”

Typical Vlade. Always a great guy and he always seemed to have things in the proper perspective. You should really take a few minutes, click the link and read the entire piece by Marc Stein. It’s a great glimpse into a great man.


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