From BDL: Vlade, Dominique in Asia

The Korean Basketball League is participating in the 2009 NBA Asia Challenge in which various Asian teams play against the NBA Generations team.

The Generations team is comprised of guys like NBDL prospects, Tim Hardaway, Dominique Wilkins, Robert something or other, and Vlade Divac. The real star of this video is Dominique Wilkins who is still able to dunk in games at the age of almost 50. Wow.

(Thanks, Skeets)

Skeets informs us that ‘Nique finished with 31 points and eight rebounds. That’s not terrible.

And how about that full court pass from Vlade? It looked awkward but it was perfect. He even credited Wilkins with a nice pass on a terrible airball.

He doesn’t look like he’s in the best of shape but it’s nice to see him out there.


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