For those of you who were wondering…

Yes, Tyreke Evans does work on that half court shot in practice.  Here is a video from an October 20, 2010 practice, that proves it:

That footage does not look as pretty as this:

I guess practice makes perfect.

Here is an exchange between Tyreke Evans and myself in the Kings locker room last night following his amazing half court buzzer beater:

JH: Now, I’m at practice most of the time and I watch you guys shooting those half court shots but…you aren’t usually the one who makes it in first…

Evans (laughing):  I just have to get a rhythm.  I start out missing, you know, I try to trick them.  Once I start missing, they keep going.  They make one and I say, keep going.  Then I hit about four straight.

JH: How good does it feel to have your team run over and all of you guys huddle up in the corner, celebrating and jumping up and down?

Evans: It felt good, we needed that.  We all felt good and that’s how we’re all supposed to live as a team you know, all happy with smiles on our faces.  We have a good team on paper, and we just have to go out there and prove it.

JH: Do you think that shot goes a long way towards you being the leader of this team?

Evans: Definitely.  Me, just playing to the ability that I can play.  Just going out there and trying to take over the game.  Like Cisco said in the locker room, they need me so I just have to go out there and play to the best of my ability.

After a shot like that, when his team so desperately needed a victory, you can’t help but think that this might get Tyreke Evans back to the form that won him the rookie of the year last season.  Confidence is a fickle thing in the NBA but after last night, it shouldn’t be an issue any longer.


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