Five trades involving the Sacramento Kings and No. 8 pick

Al Horford tries to make his move against the Sacramento Kings in 2012. (Photo: Steven Chea)

The Sacramento Kings have put the No. 8 pick on the market.  According to, their preference would be to acquire “at least one impact veteran” if they trade the eighth overall pick.

Over the weekend, we took to Twitter to see what trade ideas the masses might have for the Kings’ first-round selection.  We got plenty of responses – some questionable and some logical.  In no particular order, here are five logical proposals that folks in the Twitterverse think the Kings should consider.

Trade Scenario 1: Chicago Bulls

Kings receive: Taj Gibson, 16th overall pick, 19th overall pick

Bulls receive: Jason Thompson, eighth overall pick


Pretty even deal for both sides.  Some may argue that Gibson is a much better player than Thompson, but I think the talent disparity is much closer than you think.  A change of scenery would definitely do Thompson good and he could be a nice, low-post scoring compliment to Joakim Noah.  The Bulls are at a point where they probably need to restock their cupboard with talent and they’d have a chance to do that with the No. 8 pick, where a future impact player might be available.

H/T Nate Miller

Trade Scenario 2: Chicago Bulls and Memphis Grizzlies

Kings receive: Tony Allen, Taj Gibson

Bulls receive: Jason Thompson, eighth overall pick

Grizzlies receive: Jason Terry, No. 16 pick, No. 19


A variation of the trade above.  The main difference in this deal is that the Kings would acquire Allen instead of picking up two additional first round picks.  Allen would definitely fill the Kings’ need for a veteran defender at shooting guard.  He’d also provide the Kings with a stopgap solution at the two to ease the burden on Ben McLemore’s development.  However, the Grizzlies receiving two mid first-round picks for Allen seems like a lot.  In a trade like this, the Kings should probably try to come away with the No. 19 pick in addition to Gibson and Allen.

H/T Nate Miller

Trade Scenario 3: Atlanta Hawks

Kings receive: Al Horford

Hawks receive: Ben McLemore, Jason Thompson, No. 8 pick


Horford and DeMarcus Cousins would be an ideal pairing.  The 27-year-old power forward/center fills the Kings’ need for more veteran experience and solidifies the Kings’ big man rotation.  The Hawks, meanwhile, get two young pieces in Ben McLemore and the No. 8 pick to help take their franchise in a new direction.  Atlanta is in the midst of retooling its roster after teams featuring Joe Johnson, Horford and Josh Smith failed to get them further than the second round.  They might not be opposed to a trade like this if they’re prepared to go into full rebuilding mode.  If they are, they’d probably rather have Derrick Williams or Jason Terry’s expiring deal instead of two more fully guaranteed years of Thompson.  But would the Kings be giving up too much in a deal like this considering Horford is coming off a major injury?

H/T John Bailey

Trade Scenario 4: Orlando Magic

Kings receive: Arron Afflalo, No. 12 pick

Magic receive: Jason Thompson, Travis Outlaw, No. 8 pick


Afflalo was a player whose name came up from multiple Twitter followers and for good reason.  Afflalo had the best statistical season of his career last year with the Magic, averaging 18.2 points while shooting better than 40 percent from 3-point distance and 45 percent from the field overall.  His numbers though are likely skewed from being a top option for a team that won just 23 games.  Nevertheless, he’d give the Kings excellent perimeter defense, outside shooting and veteran experience.  And much like Tony Allen in the suggested three-team deal with the Bulls and Grizzlies, Afflalo’s presence would relieve some pressure off of the expectations surrounding Ben McLemore.  I’m not sure the Magic would take Thompson’s contract back in return, especially if they’re also dealing the No. 12 pick.  The appeal of Derrick Williams’ youth and expiring contract instead of Thompson might make a trade like this more realistic.

H/T Andrew Doan

Trade Scenario 5: Memphis Grizzlies

Kings receive: Mike Conley, Kosta Kouofos, Jon Leuer

Grizzlies receive: Jason Thompson, Derrick Williams and the No. 8 pick


Whether they keep Isaiah Thomas or not, the Kings would love to find a point guard with better playmaking skills.  Conley has averaged just 5.6 assists per game throughout his career, but he is a steady passer and has gradually improved since his selection in the 2007 NBA Draft.  The Kings would be elated to acquire a 26-year-old guard like Conley that has several years of experience under his belt.  Kouofos is a 7’0 footer that Pete D’Alessandro has familiarity with as both men spent time together in Denver.  The Grizzlies, meanwhile, could use the No. 8 pick to draft another point guard.  Marcus Smart and Tyler Ennis are two players who may still be on the board when the eighth selection is on the clock.  However, would the Grizzlies take back Thompson’s contract in a deal like this?  It wouldn’t be surprising if they asked for Jason Terry’s expiring deal instead.  Also, would they believe that a player available at No. 8 has higher upside than Conley?

H/T Bobby Gerould

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