Evans brothers still guiding Tyreke to reach potential

The life of an NBA player can be complicated to say the least.  You have friends and family that surround you.  Some are positive influences, some aren’t.

For Tyreke Evans, he has always had the positive support of his older brothers.  In fact, big brother Julius “Doc” Evans, CEO of Blu Print Entertainment, is both Tyreke’s roommates here in Sacramento and one of his managers.  Big brother came out the week before the lockout ended to help little brother get his house in order and it appears he’s staying for the long haul.

Doc has plenty going on for himself, like a new rap single under the artist name “International i” coming out mid-April and the release of a new clothing line.  But his primary job is making sure little brother Tyreke is on the right path.

I’ve had a chance to meet Doc on many occasions.  To call him a social butterfly would be an understatement.  He always has a smile or a return text for you.

Tyreke Evans loves Sacramento and so does Doc.  This is their home now.  This is the team that drafted him and showed complete faith in him.  There’s going to be extension talk this summer.  That’s what happens when contracts reach their end.  While there are rumors that the Kings and the Evans brothers might not be on the same page regarding Tyreke’s worth, Doc has one thing to say about that.

“We let Arn handle that,” he said.

By “Arn”, Doc means power agent Arn Tellem, who represents Tyreke, as well as plenty of other top-flight NBA talents, like Derrick Rose and Russell Westbrook. Mr. Tellem will be the one who goes toe-to-toe with the Kings brass over the financial value of the 2010 Rookie of the Year.

That’s not Doc’s business.  His business is to support his little brother anyway he can and that is exactly what he and brother Reggie were doing when they flew in a shooting coach to work with Tyreke.

Over the last few days, Tyreke has limped through shooting drills with coach Keith Veney, trying desperately to find the shot that’s let him down the past two seasons.  Before suiting up last night, he came to games then worked tirelessly in the Kings practice facility on his shot. His brothers fed him passes and the “Shot Doc” worked on the kinks, long after his teammates headed home for the evening.

The short-term goal is to find his stroke – the jumper that helped him become a high school phenom.  The long-term goal is to make him the playmaker the Kings need – a player in the mold of Dwyane Wade.

So, the Evans brothers are doing what they do.  They are working together in the Kings practice facility after hours, trying to get little brother to the next step.

The work with Veney over the last week isn’t enough to fix everything, but it is enough to start developing muscle memory.  That begins with the ball at his chest and reducing the massive lean that Tyreke developed as a youngster playing against older, taller and bigger competition.

In the chase of potential, the “Shot Doc” is working hard, Tyreke is working hard and you better believe that Doc and Reggie are, too.


James Ham

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