Emeka Okafor for Kenny Thomas Rumors?

Sam Amick just tweeted as such.

Who knows how much clout this has to it? But wouldn’t that be a bold move by both teams?

The Hornets seem to be content with blowing this thing up and rebuilding around Chris Paul with him under contract for the next two to three seasons and the franchise losing more money than Antoine Walker at a craps table. It would save them about $2 million this season, which means $4 million because of the luxury tax. It would also save them over $50 million over the next four seasons.

For the Kings, this would be a bold move, saying that they believe more in this core than they did a couple of months ago while making a HUGE financial commitment. It could also mean moving Spencer Hawes for another piece to the puzzle or maybe, just letting him develop off the bench. The Kings already have an improved defense this season and adding Okafor could put them into the upper half of the league with his consistent rebounding and interior defense.

Here’s the trade in the ESPN Trade Machine.

Either way, just a rumor as of right now but it’s an interesting thought for the future of this franchise.

UPDATE: Go vote your thoughts over at StR!


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