Donte Greene’s Story Important for the Draft’s Early Entries

Rick Maese of, which is believed to have a spin-off magazine as well, wrote a really interesting piece on Donte Greene and relating his early entry story to other players in this year’s draft.

Here’s the link to the story.

It talks about him looking at a friend in Blake Griffin, the consensus number one pick, and wondering what could have been if he followed the advice and warnings of many who thought him staying at Syracuse for one more year would be more beneficial than trying to be another Carmelo Anthony for the school.

“To see him in that position, you think, what if I would’ve stayed? Where would I be?” says Greene. “I could still be with the Kings, but would I be a top-5 pick? There’ve been lots of what-ifs. Especially when you’re not playing, you got all that time to think. And I loved college so much, loved Coach [Jim] Boeheim. I just keep telling myself, this is what you wanted, you wanted to be in this spot. Keep working.”

Perhaps, he would have blossomed and developed much better with another year under Boeheim and benefited from being one of the top players in the Big East this past college season. But assuming he didn’t and knowing what we know now, can you imagine the Kings spending the number four pick on him in this year’s draft?

Kind of weird to wonder how many other guys have shared similar fates.


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