Donté Greene planning charity basketball game in Sacramento?

Four home games at Power Balance Pavilion were lost after the NBA cancelled the first two weeks of the regular season yesterday.  But Kings fans might have basketball to cheer for if Donté Greene has his way.

Earlier today, Kings fans tweeted at the Sacramento Kings forward about putting together a charity exhibition game in the Capital region.  He took their message to heart and it appears Greene has plans in the works to host a game the weekend before Thanksgiving.

Among the players who’ve declared their interest?  Wizards point guard John Wall along with Greene’s fellow teammates Jason Thompson and DeMarcus Cousins.  New King J.J. Hickson also says he’d like to play.  Clippers center DeAndre Jordan, Rockets point guard Jonny Flynn, Lakers forward and Sacramento native Matt Barnes, teammates Tyreke Evans and Hassan Whiteside were also extended Twitter invites by the Kings forward.

Sacramento has proven before that a simple tweet can spark a major idea.  So the possibility of a barnstorming exhibition featuring your favorite Sacramento Kings isn’t out of the question.  But with PBP off-limits due to the lockout, where would they play?

Greene’s top two preferences are the Hornets Nest at Sacramento State and the Pavilion at UC Davis.  However, the Hornets Nest seats only 1,200 people and is fully booked the weekend Greene would like to host the game.  The Pavilion holds a maximum capacity of 8,000 and no UC Davis athletic events are scheduled for Sunday, November 13th.  The Spanos Center at the University of Pacific was thrown out as possibility, but Greene’s preference would be a venue closer to the Capital City.

Compared to arenas that hosted hoops exhibitions this past weekend, the UC Davis Pavilion stacks up favorably.  Florida International’s U.S. Century Bank Arena, which hosted LeBron James and Dwyane Wade’s game on Saturday, seats 6,000.  The Long Beach Pyramid, which hosted the Drew vs. Goodman rematch on Sunday, holds 5,000.

How the idea has played out on Twitter…

@dontegreeneCOS hey Donte, Is there any way you can set up an exhibition game in Sac-town for the fans who <3 the kings? #KingsFansTue Oct 11 22:48:03 via Seesmic


@sacgirl88 u kno wat ima get da working on thatTue Oct 11 22:56:28 via Echofon


Hey maybe we can get @dontegreeneCOS to help put together a #HereWeStayed exhibition game! @HereWeStayWed Oct 12 00:47:37 via Twitter for Mac


Yes!!! “@dontegreeneCOS: RT @kfippin: Hey maybe we can get @dontegreeneCOS to help put together a #HereWeStayed exhibition game!”Wed Oct 12 00:53:08 via Twitter for iPhone


@jtthekid @boogiecousins @thetyrekeevans @youngwhiteside @J_Flynn @deandrejordan @John_Wall wats up wit a game n sac???Wed Oct 12 00:57:21 via Echofon


P.S. if you can make an exhibition game happen just by tweeting things i’m going to laughWed Oct 12 01:17:13 via Twitter for Mac



@dontegreeneCOS I’m downWed Oct 12 02:00:25 via Echofon


Is @dontegreeneCOS serious? Organizing an exhibition game in Sac during the lockout? If he’s ever traded I’m burning down the Palms casinoWed Oct 12 02:43:02 via web


I’m Wit it…Sign Me Up. RT @dontegreeneCOS: @jtthekid @boogiecousins @thetyrekeevans @youngwhiteside @J_Flynn … Oct 12 02:52:00 via UberSocial for BlackBerry


Ok so right now I’m feeling sac state #1 small more fan friendly but not alot of seats Davis #2 plenty of seats but traffic is a problem.Wed Oct 12 03:30:06 via Echofon


Ok so I got my gyms. Ima go on @CarmichaelDave show 2morow and let erbody kno where I want 2 hold the game. Thanks. Sac town best fans!!!Wed Oct 12 03:32:41 via Echofon


What can #KingFans NOT do? Keep our team? Check. Build a new ESC? Check. Organize a game? Check. Next: go to NY & fix this NBA/NBPA thing.Wed Oct 12 05:05:08 via Twitter for iPhone


If @dontegreeneCOS has a charity game is SAC I’ll be there!!!Wed Oct 12 06:08:24 via Twitter for iPhone

Updated at 11:59 pm with J.J. Hickson’s tweet and interest.


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