Donté Greene has offers to play overseas

Turner Sports’ David Aldridge caught up with Donté Greene at the Goodman League in Washington DC.  And like many NBA players this summer, the Kings forward is considering overseas basketball options during the league’s work stoppage.

Greene, who said he’s contemplating offers in Israel and Italy in the fall if the lockout is still ongoing, is using the Goodman as part of his austerity plan to deal with the lockout.

Greene also told Aldridge he no longer lives in Sacramento, having sold his home here in Northern California to cut back on extra expenses during the lockout.

“When I came in the league, three years ago, there was already talk about the lockout,” he said. “I started saving my rookie year. I didn’t really think it was going to happen. But it’s here, and it’s real. So you’ve got to be smart. Myself, I cut back on a lot of things. I moved from Sacramento. I don’t even live in Sacramento anymore. I moved out of my house in Sacramento. All I have is my grandmother’s house in Baltimore, and I have a house in Charlotte with my family. You’ve got to do little ways to save money. So cutting back was definitely a big thing for me. I turned in my BMW.”


Jonathan Santiago
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