Does Tyreke Evans need to read Cowbell Kingdom?

There seems to be some confusion in Tyreke Evans’ camp about the drafting of Jimmer Fredette.  In an interview with Marc J. Spears of Yahoo! Sports, Evans “has some questions” about his place in the Kings world.  And with the lockout in place, they can’t answer this quandary.

“I don’t know how we are playing it,” Evans said. “Am I going to be the point? Is he going to be the point? At the end of the day, whatever one they lead me to, I’m just ready.”

Why is this a surprise to us here at Cowbell Kingdom?  Because we asked Coach Paul Westphal about the backcourt rotation in our post season/pre-lockout interview series and he laid it all out for us.

‘I really can’t envision him (Fredette) taking a spot ahead of Tyreke Evans or Marcus Thornton, assuming we re-sign Marcus.  But if he can, he’ll start.  I do think that we can rely on him to play significant minutes.  I’d be really surprised if it doesn’t unfold like that and I think he’s a point guard.  I think he is a point guard who has great leadership skills, great maturity, great fundamentals.”

It’s unfortunate the Kings can’t clear up this matter for Evans.  Even more unfortunate is that Tyreke doesn’t read Cowbell Kingdom for his Kings information.  Although Westphal prefers to call Evans by the nondescript “guard” moniker, Thornton is in no way shape or form a point guard.  I guess that means that those nice starting five graphics that we see before every NBA game will continue to promote Evans as a point guard, which also means that folks will continue to question whether he is in fact a point guard.

This all appears to be much ado about nothing.  Evans will open the season as one of the Kings two starting guards, that is, if there is a season.  The addition of Thornton at the trade deadline and Fredette via the draft, opens up Westphal to use Evans at the point guard, shooting guard or small forward positions.  So I guess Westphal is going to have switch to that whole, “he’s a basketball player” description when us media types insist on asking what position Evans is.


James Ham

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