DeMarcus Cousins weighs in on Sacramento Kings’ offseason so far

Ray McCallum and Quincy Acy during a break in action in a Summer League match-up (Photo: Jonathan Santiago)

LAS VEGAS – DeMarcus Cousins has been asked plenty this week about the opportunity in front of him to represent his country at this year’s FIBA World Cup. However, he’s also taken some time to answer a few questions about the Sacramento Kings and the changes they’ve made so far this offseason.

Over the last two days, Cousins weighed in on the performance of the Kings’ summer league team, the addition of Darren Collison, the subtraction of Isaiah Thomas and what he likes about new rookie teammate Nik Stauskas.

  • Cousins was thrilled with the way the Kings played during summer league action. He praised the efforts of young teammates like Ben McLemore, Ray McCallum, Quincy Acy and Stauskas. “Guys stepped up and played some good ball,” Cousins said. “A lot of improved games. Ben looked good, Ray looked good. Ray did a great job of running the team. Nik looked good for a rookie, came out there and played a controlled game. Never see him rattled. Quincy showed his improvement in what he’s been working on in the offseason. Eric Moreland, he was crazy out there. You saw a lot of good things out there.”
  • Summer league gave Cousins his first up close look and work with Stauskas. What does Cousins appreciate most about his new rookie teammate?  He weighed in. “What I like most about Nik is how under control he always is,” Cousins said. “He’s never rattled, he’s always poised, he’s always looking to make the right play and not the play he wants to make. You don’t always find that in a lot of rookies. And the biggest thing is you can shoot the hell out of the ball. I saw nothing but good signs coming up.”
  • Cousins called new starting point guard Darren Collison a “solid guy”. He expressed his approval of Collison’s addition to the team and thinks the the veteran point guard will be a great help to the Kings next season. “He’s produced at with every team he’s been on,” Cousins said. “I think it was a great addition. I think he’ll be able to run this team well. Knows how to play the game, knows how to get guys involved.”
  • When Collison officially signed with the team a few weeks ago, Kings general manager Pete D’Alessandro noted that the 27-year-old guard had already started reaching out to his new teammates. Cousins said that he got a call from Collison “right away” and they’ve had multiple conversations since. “I mean he basically told me, ‘I’m here to run this team (and) if you ask me to run through a brick wall, that’s what I’ll do’,” Cousins said of what he and Collison have talked about so far. “Just with the conversations I’ve had with him I feel like he’s committed to this team and I know for a fact that going into battle, he has my back and I have his.”
  • Collison’s addition lead to the exit of former teammate Isaiah Thomas. Cousins offered a brief thought on the 25-year-old point guard’s departure to Phoenix. “I mean, I’m happy for him,” Cousins said. “It’s a business man. It happens. I’ve lost a lot of teammates. But that’s the past, I’m moving forward.”


Jonathan Santiago
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