DeMarcus Cousins has sushi roll named after him, sales push All-Star case

The DMC Roll, found exclusively at Mikuni. (Photo courtesy of Mikuni)

Some athletes have drinks named after them (see Arnold Palmer). Others have sandwiches (anyone tried the Roethlisburger?). DeMarcus Cousins? You can buy a sushi roll made in his honor.

Mikuni Sushi, a Sacramento institution when it comes to the art of Japanese cuisine, has recently started serving the DMC Roll, a delectable combination of tempura lobster, white tuna, avocado and crab mix.

The idea to make and sell the roll was spawned not too long ago. After finding out Cousins wasn’t one of the leading vote-getters following recent returns on All-Star balloting, Taro Arai, Mikuni restaurants’ head chef, felt compelled to assist.

“Of course I wanted to do anything to put the Sacramento Kings on the map,” Arai said in a phone interview with Cowbell Kingdom. “I had heard that he’s not one of the top centers (for the All-Star Game) and I said ‘You gotta be kidding me!’

“So me and Andrew (Rogers, Cousins’ business manager), we start talking about it,” Arai added. “And I told him let’s just do a DeMarcus roll.”

For $15 (yes, it’s priced at $15 because Cousins wears No. 15), customers can go to any Mikuni location and try out the roll for themselves. The roll is incentive enough to pay full price, but customers can get it for half off if they show proof that they voted Cousins to this year’s All-Star Game.

The roll, which Mikuni started selling just a week ago and is available for a limited time only, has become a popular order for patrons. One of his eight restaurants sold around 100 orders of it yesterday according to Arai and the popularity has caused him to consider making it a permanent fixture on the menu.

“We may have to keep it because people are ordering all the time and people are getting more and more each day,” he said.

If it’s not added to the menu, fans eager to try out the roll might want to stop by the nearest Mikuni location sooner rather than later. The DMC Roll can be had at all eight Mikuni restaurants in the greater Sacramento area until Jan 20.


Jonathan Santiago
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