De’Aaron Fox is ready for his rivalry with Lonzo Ball

What’s the best way to revive a Kings versus Lakers rivalry? By drafting two of the best point guards respectively in the 2017 NBA Draft, who also have a history of being super competitive with each other.

De’Aaron Fox and Lonzo Ball and their father’s seem to not like each other on the hardwood, which will make this head-to-head battle very interesting at least four times a season.

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Q. De’Aaron, you mentioned the other point guards. With Fultz going No. 1, Ball, they got a lot of attention during the pre-draft process, does that motivate you, the fact that you were third and those guys were getting so much hype?


“I want to say probably with Lonzo being No. 2 to LA and me being here, it gave a lot of people what they wanted. We’ll have to play each other four times in a year. But like I said, it doesn’t give me any more motivation. Every night you’ve got to bring your “A” game in the NBA, especially playing the point guard position.” -De’Aaron Fox

Q. How well do you know Willie Cauley-Stein and Skal Labissiere, and what factor do you think that might be to other Kentucky guys?


“Well, I’ve known Skal for a few years. Willie I see him every once in a while really just through Kentucky, but Skal I’ve known when we were in high school. They could have given good words. I know how they play. I was playing with two bigs that could catch a lob anywhere, and as good as Skal is, and you keep seeing both of them getting better, I thought it was a good fit.”

Q. What were the lead-up moments like for you sitting there with your family? I saw Coach Cal was here but it seemed to drag on for a while, waiting for names to be picked. What was that like?

“It did feel extremely long. We were talking about that. But we were just talking about how much of a blessing it is to just be here. Not a lot of kids at 19 years old get to sit in the Green Room at the NBA Draft. But just being up here now, emotions kind of change a little bit. You’re sitting there anxious waiting to hear your name called, and once it’s called, it’s like the world lifted off your shoulders, like there’s zero gravity. I feel like I’m flying out.”

Q. Do you think it’s your defense that sets you apart from the other two point guards taken early in the draft?

“I feel like it is that, and speed is something you really can’t teach. But defensively I feel like I really separated myself because I go at people not only offensively trying to score and get my teammates involved, but defensively I’ve always been trying to lock someone up, and in this league it is going to be extremely tough. In this league you can’t really lock up a point guard by yourself; it’s more of a team effort.”

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