David Stern says currently “no support” for a Kings move to Anaheim

During his pre-Finals press conference, NBA Commissioner David Stern was asked about the future of the Kings in Northern California.  He was also asked, hypothetically, if the Maloofs would receive any support from their fellow owners if they put in a relocation request today.

Q: Given that the Sacramento arena situation seems to have fallen apart yet again, do you see any resolution to that where that team winds up staying there?  And secondly, if there was a vote now amongst the owners, do you detect that there’s any ‑‑ would there be a lot of support for a move to the Anaheim area?

STERN:  If there was a vote now, there would be no support for a move, but I ‑‑ and I believe the ownership says they are planning to stay there.  And on other situations I might hazard a guess or a prognostication.  On this one, I’m out of the business.

For now.

Meanwhile, the city is choosing not to sit idly. As you may have heard last week, Think Big Sacramento is undergoing a changing of the guard, with two members of Mayor Kevin Johnson’s staff heading the arena task force.  Kunal Merchant, Johnson’s Chief of Staff, will take over as Executive Director for the departing Chris Lehane, while Graswich, special assistant to the mayor, will handle public affairs.  According to various reports, Think Big is currently exploring options for Plan B to build a new arena and hope to unveil details later this summer.


Jonathan Santiago
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