Dalmebert injury gets a number.

And that number is 4-6 weeks. Here is the official Kings media release on the injury:

“The Sacramento Kings today announced that an MRI taken on Kings center Samuel Dalembert confirmed the initial diagnosis of a left adductor strain. The injury may sideline Dalembert the next four to six weeks.”

When asked during his post game press conference, Coach Paul Westphal seemed caught off guard by the length of recovery, “Is that what it is? 4-6? I thought it was a little less than that.” Although the coach seemed shocked, I can’t really say that I am surprised by this diagnosis. Dalamebert has tried to get back on the court multiple times over the last two weeks and almost without fail, he has had a set back in each of those attempts.

According to Dalembert, he originally injured his adductor two to three weeks before training camp. As one of the NBA’s iron men, the 29 year old  Dalembert has played in all 82 game, four consecutive seasons. Dalembert assured me early on that the injury was not serious. Here is our original exchange from September 29, 2010:

TPP: If you had a game tonight, could you go?

Dalembert: Of course man, what kind of question is that. I’ve played with worse than that. I’ve played with fractures and stuff like that. I’ve been called stupid by doctors before and crazy…

This injury comes as a pretty big blow to the team. Rookie center DeMarcus Cousins has been and will continue to fill in for Dalembert in the starting line-up. The Kings had hoped to bring Cousins along a little slower than this but in the NBA, plans change. With the injury to Dalembert, the Kings have also given Darnell Jackson and Connor Atchley an extended look while trying to keep enough bodies to practice. Jackson had already played well enough to garner consideration for a roster spot and this injury all but guarantees that Darnell will be on the opening day roster.


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