Dalembert in, Cousins out.

Not exactly shocking news, but Coach Paul Westphal has announced that Samuel Dalembert is the new starting center for the Sacramento Kings:

“I am going to change the line.  Hopefully it will be the last time this year.  Now that Sammy’s healthy, I think he is the right fit to start with Carl, Beno, Omri  and Tyreke.  This is something that we always envisioned doing, we just haven’t been able to do it until now.”

“It’s good to have a defensive oriented player in the front court.  It’s good to have experience.  It’s good to mix up our post threats, meaning that our two best post players are Carl and DeMarcus.  When they start together, it’s like- which one do we throw it to.  Well, if we can bring DeMarcus off the bench, throw to him when he’s in there and then throw to Carl when he’s in there.”

DeMarcus Cousins on the news:

“I thought it was a great idea and I think it will really help the team.  I won’t have to start the game off and I’m still learning.  Coming in off the bench, I can see how aggressive the game is so I can know how aggressive to be and not be.  I’ll get the feel of the game a lot better.”

For what it is worth, Cousins looks genuinely relieved and happy about the decision.  Both he and coach Westphal brought up how difficult it is to play as a rookie and to constantly be in foul trouble in the early minutes of the game.  I expect Cousins’ playing time to increase as a result of this situation.

Samuel Dalembert on the announcement:

“Nothing changes.  I just still go out there and DeMarcus is going to get his opportunities and get his chance.  We just want to get a good start.”

“As long as we are winning.  You can’t get caught up in- am I starting or not starting.  Right now, it is as a team.  My goal when I came here is to do everything in my power to help this team be the best it can be.  Starting, not starting, I don’t complain, I just work hard and I come in off the bench ready to play.”

I will have more later, including a notes and quotes segment from last night’s game and the complete Samuel Dalembert interview.



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