Dalembert and Wright Injury Update. ***Video now included.***

The good news is that both Antoine Wright and Samuel Dalembert were at practice today. The bad news, neither was cleared to participate.

Coach Westphal on Dalembert:

“We are going to make sure he is really right before returning to practice.”

Dalembert strained his adductor muscle in yesterday morning’s practice. The 29-year-old center hasn’t missed a game over the last four seasons and according to him, he tweeked it about three weeks ago while prepping for the season and then it flared up yesterday.

We had a nice exchange today after practice:

TPP: If you had a game tonight, could you go?

Dalembert: Of course man, what kind of question is that. I’ve played with worse than that. I’ve played with fractures and stuff like that. I’ve been called stupid by doctors before and crazy…

Dalembert has an infectious personality so don’t take the statement the wrong way. Here is video proof of the exchange.


Antoine Wright was receiving treatment for yesterday’s quad injury and unavailable for comment, but coach Westphal passed along this information:

“Wright is better but not cleared to participate.”

I will update as more news becomes available on both players.


James Ham

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