Crandell gives hope.

Breaking news this evening.  Fox 40’s Jim Crandell is reporting that the light hasn’t gone out on Kings fans just yet.  Although the report is vague, Crandell is reporting that government and business officials are working on a creative new plan to get a new arena built in Sacramento.

“I know the specifics, but I cannot share the details yet, because it could jeopardize a very sensitive discussion that is about to take place.”

Crandell has confirmed that not only is there a plan but, “the money is in place.” Let me repeat that- “the money is in place.”

The Group is hoping to unveil the plan to the Maloofs as early as Friday according to Crandell, and according to the report, not only are the Maloofs willing to listen but the deal in Anaheim is not done just yet.

We will have more as this story unfolds in the morning and throughout day but at least for tonight, Kings fans have been given something- no matter how vague it may be.



James Ham

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