Cowbell Kingdom Podcast Special: Sacramento Kings co-owner Andy Miller


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When David Stern and the NBA Board of Governors decided to keep the Kings in Sacramento, they had to make sure the Maloof family ordered plenty of extra keys.  Vivek Ranadivé is the chairman of the board, but he is flanked by a huge collection of whales, minnows and good old fashion minority owners.

We aren’t sure that anyone knows how many new owners were added to the mix, but come opening night, they will be lined up on Kings row and in luxury boxes around the arena.

One of the core group of whales that we are just now getting to know is former Apple executive and current president of Leap Motion, Andy Miller.  On a tech savvy team, Miller is the man who Ranadivé has entrusted with developing the Kings’ new mobile app.  Instead of hiding the highly anticipated app behind a wall of secrecy, Miller has done what more professional sports owners should do – he has turned to Twitter to crowd source the highly engaged Sacramento social media family.

Miller gets it.  He understands that the next generation of sports owner needs to be accessible and pro-active.  He’s one of the team’s youngest new owners, but his resume is as impressive as anyone’s.  Miller has worked side-by-side with the late-great Steve Jobs.  He is a family man.  He is an entrepreneur.  He is a co-owner of minor league baseball’s Modesto Nuts, and he is excited to be part of the new Sacramento Kings franchise.

Meet Andy Miller.



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