Cowbell Kingdom Podcast Ep 97: Brett Reed, Lehigh University and coach of NBA Draft prospect C.J. McCollum

by Jonathan Santiago & James Ham

C.J. McCollum meets with media following his pre-draft workout in Sacramento. (Photo: Jonathan Santiago)

C.J. McCollum is not just considered one of the top guards in this year’s draft, but also one of its premiere prospects.  And because of that, the talented guard of Lehigh could be a realistic possibility for the Sacramento Kings with the No. 7 pick.  We catch up with a man who knows his game best, Mountain Hawks head coach Brett Reed, on this week’s podcast.  We also discuss the latest news in the Kings’ front office search and what we’ve seen in the most recent round of pre-draft workouts.


Reed on what NBA teams are asking him about McCollum’s pro potential.

I think the biggest thing people have asked is his ability to play the point guard position.  And what I would encourage everyone to at least understand is for us to be successful and as successful as I thought we could be, it made more sense just to allow him to be C.J. and move him off the ball and let him make decisions on the ball without having to dribble the ball up from the top of the key to the top of the key, call out a number and run a set play.  Anybody can do that.  I think the fact that he’s made all these reads and he’s had all these experiences and played at a tempo that we played at, but yet we’ve asked for solid and sound decision-making, I think would lend himself to be able to be a lead guard, and then obviously everyone sees what he can do off the ball.


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