Cowbell Kingdom Podcast Ep 90: KNBR’s Tim Montemayor talks fate of Sacramento Kings

by Jonathan Santiago & James Ham

Kevin Johnson and Mitch Richmond chat courtside of the Kings' final home game of the 2012-13 season. (Photo: Steven Chea)

The race for control of the Sacramento Kings appears to be entering its final lap.  The NBA’s relocation and finance committee is expected to formulate its recommendation this Monday, followed by a vote from the full Board of Governors’ in two weeks.  San Francisco talk show host Tim Montemayor has shared some intriguing details on the situation over Twitter in the last few weeks.  He joins this week’s Cowbell Kingdom Podcast to discuss the saga.


How has Montemayor sourced his information on the Sacramento/Seattle situation?  He says he’s spoken regularly to at least three different people who are directly involved in league affairs.

There was a lot of momentum around the idea that “hey we’re hearing there’s a compromise in the works.”  And so I was putting it out there and that was, if today’s Thursday, that was a few days ago.  Monday, Tuesday – I sent a text message to a guy I know and he got back to me late on Tuesday.  And he said well hey here’s what’s going on – the league is working very hard to find a way to satisfy both markets.  And Kevin Johnson has been kicking ass and has clearly outperformed the Seattle group.


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