Cowbell Kingdom Podcast Ep 88: Sacramento/Seattle talk with Aaron Bruski of NBC Sports ProBasketballTalk

by Jonathan Santiago & James Ham

Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson meets with media during halftime of the Hornets/Kings game. (Photo: Steven Chea)

The fate of the Sacramento Kings might be decided one week from today inside the conference room of a New York hotel.  Aaron Bruski of NBC Sports ProBasketballTalk joins us for a conversation on what appears to be the final leg of Sacramento’s race to keep the Kings.


Bruski on the Maloofs’  5 pm ultimatum for the Sacramento group’s offer:

Everybody kind of collectively rolled their eyes at this demand.  But behind the demand, or maybe the way that it was given, was actually a very valid point on behalf of the Maloofs, which is “Hey, if we’re gonna be perhaps forced to take this backup offer by the NBA, we want to see it.  And if we have problems with it, we want to be able to tell you what our problems are with it.”


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