Cowbell Kingdom Podcast Ep 86: Matt Graham of Jiffy Lube on Sacramento’s corporate support in fight for Kings

by Jonathan Santiago & James Ham

Matt Graham of Jiffy Lube Sacramento (Credit: SMBH)

On Wednesday, Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson went public with the 25 businesses pledging $50 million in sponsorships if the Kings stay put.  One of the companies announced was the local branch of Jiffy Lube, a major business that’s been a part of this saga since the relocation scare of 2011.  Jiffy Lube marketing director Matt Graham joins James Ham in the first segment of this week’s podcast to discuss local business’ role in the effort to keep the Kings in Sacramento.  In segment two, a recap of the week’s events, including a discussion on the Seattle group’s agreement to purchase an additional 7 percent of the team.


Graham on the business risk involved in committing corporate dollars to an uncertain situation:

A lot of people in our situations or others that have stepped forward, they don’t know the outcome, so they don’t want to put their foot in the water so to speak.  I think as those businesses that want to take the lead and take the risk, they’re rewarded for that in many ways.  And so we’ve always felt to take a risk as a right thing to do.  Our owner is a serial entrepreneur with many successful companies, as well as a few failures, and he’s passed that on to us within this company.  We always feel helping the community, not only the Kings, other charitable stuff, is the right thing to do and it helps all of us in the end.  So as a business, we felt it’s the only thing to do is support the greater good of the region.


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