Cowbell Kingdom Podcast Ep 79: Kevin Fippin and Ed Montes on #HereWeBuy donation drive

Photo of kids given special opportunity to attend Here We Buy Night (Photo: Kevin Fippin)

The fight to keep the Kings in Sacramento is far from over.  That’s what fans like Ed Montes and Kevin Fippin will adamantly tell you.  And to prove so, they and other Kings diehards are putting their money where their mouths are.  Fippin and Montes were the leaders in a charitable campaign to send underserved youth and their families to Saturday’s “Here We Buy Night” game.  We break down how the effort got started with the two Kings fans on this week’s Cowbell Kingdom Podcast.


Fippin on how the effort to keep the Kings has meant more to him than just basketball:

I know I was talking about this the other day, but I mean I had Donte Greene help me to get engaged.  Ed was in my wedding. Another Kings employee was part of my wedding party.  Several of the people from the grassroots movements were at my wedding.  Lots of friends that we’ve made since then, people that I can text that I wouldn’t even thought I would know just because of all this.  And what’s interesting is how many people really appreciate the things that we’re doing. Even though, you know, to outsiders it seems really silly.  There’s so many people that understand what’s on the line and appreciate what we’re doing and we’ve become great friends because of it.

There are still tickets available for tomorrow night’s game.  If you’d like to go, visit this link and enter the promo code “cowbell” to bypass all Ticketmaster surcharges.


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