Cowbell Kingdom Podcast Ep 73: USA Today’s Sam Amick on latest DeMarcus Cousins’ situation

by Jonathan Santiago & James Ham

DeMarcus Cousins being held back by Marcus Thornton vs. Celtics. (Photo: Steven Chea)

DeMarcus Cousins‘ behavior continues to dominate the headlines this week for the Sacramento Kings.  Sam Amick of USA Today joins the podcast to offer insight on the latest saga invovling the Kings’ maligned young center.  Then in part two of program, we continue the discussion and hear from Cousins himself when he addressed media at practice yesterday.


Trade speculation and hearsay surrounds Cousins following the hiring of his new agent, Dan Fegan.  But is it possible that the 22-year-old center hired the NBA power broker as a means of having more pull when it comes to organizational moves?  Amick thinks it’s possible.

I think bottom-line you can just safely say that he hired a guy that he knew would not only have what he thinks is more influence than his previous guy.  But somebody who, I can safely say this, he was well aware of the acrimony between the agent and his current GM (Geoff Petrie).


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