Cowbell Kingdom Podcast Ep 67: Scott Howard-Cooper on DeMarcus Cousins, Sacramento Kings’ arena front

by Jonathan Santiago & James Ham

DeJuan Blair and DeMarcus Cousins take a breather in between action. (Photo: Steven Chea)

DeMarcus Cousins returns to the Sacramento Kings’ lineup tonight after missing the last two games to suspension.  The talented Kings big man has faced disciplinary action in each of his first three seasons in the NBA.  What do we make of this as the Kings move forward this 2012-13 NBA season?

And on the arena/relocation front, cities around the country, like Seattle and Virginia Beach, are continuing their pursuit the Kings.  But, is it possible the team could stay in Sacramento even without a new arena in sight?  Scott Howard-Cooper of offers his take on both situations on this week’s Cowbell Kingdom Podcast.


Howard-Cooper on how long this arena stalemate between the Kings and city could last:

I would say at least a year-and-a-half.  Again, that’s going to prompt some eye rolling because I don’t think anybody wants another year-and-a-half of arena fatigue.  But I go back to that it’s better than the other option, which is having no NBA team.  In talking to a lot of people involved in this, I don’t get the sense from anybody that they think that there’s a realistic chance that the Kings file by the end of this season or by late in this season.


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